Antiques and a Little Bit of Nonsense

From Price: £27.50

Date: 20th June 2024

Main Auditorium.
Reserved seating.

Antiques and a Little Bit of Nonsense

Four of the country’s favourite television personalities from the world of antiques entertain you with tales from the saleroom, television and beyond. The enormous variety of their experiences range from selling chickens and cattle to priceless Chinese artefacts and to multi-million-pound cars.

Hear how Philip Serrell started out on his auctioneering career, how the ebullient and eccentric Charles Hanson set up a thriving business and how Charlie Ross ended up flying across the world to sell ‘old bangers’. The three of them will (we hope) be kept in check by the delightful and effervescent Christina Trevanion.

Quotes from audience members……..

“We watched four very individual interesting characters gel so beautifully and perfectly. They didn't stop to take a breath, it was flawless funny and interesting - these four friends just bounce off each other. Get a ticket if you can”

“Thanks to all for a fabulous evening. Great camaraderie with so much laughter.”

“Brilliant evening. Great fun with lots of laughs!”

“A really entertaining evening, with these great characters and plenty of cracking anecdotes! Thanks to all involved. Get to see one of the future shows on the tour if you can!”

“A brilliant evening!! Great to find out more about you than we see on the TV. You’re all so funny and your friendship is amazing “

And from Gyles Brandreth
My idea of heaven - the Fab Four of the world of antiques hit the road: they’re so funny as well as being the most brilliant bargain hunters & natural entertainers. My kind of show. Vintage! 5 stars. Catch them if you can. (I’m not being paid for this: I just love what they do!)

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