Website statistics

The Council collects information about visitors to its website to help measure its use. The Council uses this information solely to improve the service the website provides, and the information the Council gathers cannot be used to identify you individually. To get this data the Council uses a product called Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics software uses 'cookies' (small files stored on your computer that hold data about your activity on the Council's website). These are used to gather data about where you go on the Council's website, what links you follow and how long you stay for. They also gather other non-personal information, such as the operating system and screen resolution you are using on your computer.

None of the data collected by this software can be used to identify you personally, and it is aggregated together with the information from other visitors to the Council's site to produce anonymous statistics. It is these statistics - not the information from individual visitors - that gives the Council a picture of the use of the Council's website.